Perpetual Delirium

Andreas Schaerer (voc), Wolfgang Zwiauer (b), Arte Quartet: Beat Hofstetter (ss), Sascha Armbruster (as), Andrea Formenti (ts), Beat Kappeler (bs)

Project Arte

Andreas Schaerer meets ARTE Quartet and Wolfgang Zwiauer

With a unique combination of contemporary jazz, influences from classical music, improvisation and virtuosic playing Andreas Schaerer is inventing a thrilling new musical language. With his ensembles and projects he has appeared on numerous stages, in Jazzclubs as well as in Classical concert halls and various festivals.

The commission for „Perpetual delirium“ leads Andreas Schaerer for the first time to a collaboration with the Arte Quartet. Bass player Wolfgang Zwiauer paints an additional colour to the picture of this project.

In his compositions for „perpetual delirium“  Andreas Schaerer not only discovers and develops various contrasting sounds of the four Saxophones but also gives every player his own personal and individual space. Numerous new sounds emerge enriched by a highly virtuosic voice, imitating all kinds of instrumental sounds, occasionally ending up as a human beatbox.

A choir of four saxophones combined with a voice that changes musical colours like a cameleon and a driving bass stimulate the fantasy of the audience perpetually.

A energetic and singular musical project – not to be missed for discovery by curious ears.


  • „Perpetual Delirium“  coming Winter 14/15