Andreas Schaerer & Bänz Oester

Andreas Schaerer (voc), Bänz Oester (b)

Project SchaererOester

Interactive duojazz

One voice, one double-bass and a myriad of tiny musical poems – these are singer Andreas Schaerer’s and double-bass player Bänz Oester’s tools. What emerges is simply stunning, exhilarating double art: the vocal virtuoso Schaerer
quotes from classical song to yodelling and overtone sounds to beat-box – just about anything imaginable, juxtaposed with Bänz Oester, one of Europe’s most masterly and virtuoso double-bass players. A musical dialogue; tight, fiery yet finely knitted.

They release their first Album „Schibboleth“ in 2010 (UNIT Records) which unites 16 improvised miniatures. Beside their activities in the european club and festival scene they toured in southafrica and mosambique. 2013 their second Album „Rarest Reechoes“ (Werkstatt/UNIT Records) is released which got voted for „Best Vocal Release 2013“ by the New York City Jazz record Magacine.


  • “Schibboleth” UNIT Records 2010
  • “Rarest Reechoes” live in Graz Werkstatt / UNIT Records 2013