A Novel Of Anomaly

Andreas Schaerer (voc), Kalle Kalima (g), Luciano Biondini (acc), Lucas Niggli (dr)

An Italian, a Finn and two Swiss engage in a joyful noise by drawing on their heritage mingled with jazz and a colourful array of music styles. Their personalities and artistry make for an uplifting and rich audience experience.
Andreas Schaerer gathers together his ‘ancestral’ playing partner, drummer Lucas Niggli, with the Italian accordionist Luciano Biondini and guitarist Kalle Kalima of Finland. These four gentlemen each have their own handwriting and varying stylistic roots, and together, create music that is prickling, fresh, but nevertheless, familiar.
There is a poetry to their programme, whether the jazzy Italianità of Biondini duets with the cool of Kalima’s electronically modulated plucks, or Niggli creates a tribal momentum as Schaerer mischievously scats in his own inimitable way. By twists and turns there is soulful heart, explosive fun and extraordinary skill in their shows.

“a felicitous match of temperaments, energies and signatures” All About Jazz, 2017